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Licensed tour guide

Discover the French Pyrenees with a qualified and friendly tour guide.

Hello, my name is Laure. I am a certified and competent tour guide in English and Japanese. After working in Paris as a tour guide for both groups and individuals, I left France to study and work in Japan for more than 10 years. Returning to France, I settled in the spectacular Pyrenees region near Lourdes in 2008. 

What do I like about my work?

I am passionate about introducing visitors to the huge cultural diversity of the Pyrenees and sharing various perspectives that demonstrate how the stories and beliefs of people are intimately related to the natural environment in which they live.

From the depths of the lush valleys to the awe-inspiring mountain summits or perhaps after tasting a local dish, you will get the chance to discover what is the true identity of the French Pyrenees.

I look forward to exploring with you and sharing many wonderful insights of the Pyrenees region.

See you soon!


Please refer to the page "Services and Rates" for further information or contact me for a quotation.

Laure Norest 

Tel: + 33 6 9903 5740(English/French/Japanese)

Saint Savin, Occitanie, France.


SIRET CODE NUMBER (Identification business code): 51444198900035   

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